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Leaving A Gift To Merlin MS Centre In Your Will

Leaving a gift in your Will is a lot more straightforward than you may think.

A gift in your Will to Merlin MS Centre can have a lasting contribution to those who use the centre and their families and carers.

We recommend that you speak to your solicitor about leaving a gift to Merlin MS Centre in your Will. They will guide you though the process and discuss the best way for you to provide for your family and friends whilst remembering the Merlin MS Centre. 

Making a gift to Merlin MS Centre

There are three main ways in which you can leave a gift to Merlin MS Centre

1 Residuary gift: 

Once any specific gifts of money and /or items such as your house have been given to your family or friends- everything left over is called your residuary estate. You can leave a share or all of your residuary estate to the Merlin MS Centre. This can be the best way to leave a gift to the charity as it is a percentage of your estate and is less likely to be affected by inflation, so it should retain its value over the years. Click here for recommended wording for leaving a Residuary gift in your Will

2 Pecuniary gift:

You may chose to leave a specific sum of money to the Merlin MS Centre, this is called a Pecuniary gift. Click here for recommended wording for leaving a Pecuniary gift in your Will

3 Specific Gift:

You may have a specific item such as an antique, a house, some land, a car or some jewellery which you wish to leave to the Merlin MS Centre. If you leave a specific gift, we will sell it to provide funds to keep the centre running and to support those who use it. Click here for recommended wording for leaving a Specific gift in your Will


Downloadable information

Writing a codicil:

A codicil is a supplement to a Will that can make changes or amends and allow additions to part of that Will. Click here for more information on writing a codicil

Inheritance Tax:

Merlin MS Centre is a UK registered charity and gifts in Wills to charities can be tax efficient and good Inheritance Tax planning. Click here for more information on how Inheritance Tax could affect you


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